Why Hire a New York Traffic Lawyer?

Why Hire A Traffic Lawyer?

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Save time and money
Reduce points
Protect your license and insurance

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We save you time by making it so you won’t have to come to Court.
In most courts and in most cases, we can appear for you.

We save you money in several ways.
The most obvious is getting you a lower fine.
We save you more money by getting you a point reduction.
Points matter. If you get six points on your license,
the DMV will hit you with an extra $300 assessment,
plus $75 for each additional point.

And if you get eleven points, you might lose your license.
Learn more about the point system on our Speeding Ticket FAQ page.

In some cases we can get you a reduction to a non-moving violation,
which means no points. In tougher cases we may be able to get you a
reduction to something that has points, but still does not affect your insurance.

The biggest potential area in terms of money is insurance.
It’s not the points. In New York, points do not affect insurance directly.
Insurance companies in New York raise rates because of the type of
violation(s) you have. In most cases we get our clients reductions to
violations that do not affect insurance rates. For more difficult
situations (such as high speeds or if you already have a bad record)
the reductions we get should still help.

Here’s a good example:
You got a ticket for going 96 mph in a 65 mph zone.
That is an 8-point speeding ticket (3 points from a suspension).
The maximum fine is $600, plus a $85 mandatory surcharge.
DMV will also hit you with a $450 assessment (more if you already have points).
That’s a total of over $1100. You can read more on our site about New York speeding fines.
Then there’s the hit on your insurance. There’s no simple calculation,
but a good guess is that your rates will go up 30-50%/year for three years.
If you’re paying $2000/year in insurance, that’s up to $3000 in higher rates.
In some situations your insurance company might drop you and
you’d have to go into the “Assigned Risk” plan.
This can mean rates double or even triple. We’ve heard this happens – from real drivers.

The typical reduction we get on a 96 in a 65 ticket is a 3 or 4 point speed,
depending on the prosecutor and the court. There is no guarantee, and results can
be worse, but this is typical. The fines on these are dramatically
lower (maximum of $235 to $385), and there is no DMV assessment. Also,
with an otherwise clean record these should not affect your insurance
according to NY Insurance Law 2335.

For out-of-state drivers, we help you figure out how best to handle
your ticket to reduce the impact in your home state. Some tickets are
more likely to show up on your home state or province (for Ontario and
Quebec) license, and some are less likely.

Most of all, you will know that your case is being handled correctly.
And we are accessible.
We generally get back to you quick.

In rare cases, it may be wise to fight your speeding or traffic ticket.

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