Petit Larceny in New York State

Petit Larceny in New York

Our attorneys defend petit larceny cases across New York State. We have handled many shoplifting cases.

The name for this offense in New York State is petit larceny. We frequently see it written petty larceny, and it is usually pronounced that way (it comes from French and/or Latin), but the correct spelling is petit.

Usually these cases arise when a store accuses someone of shoplifting. If the amount stolen is less than $1000, it is generally charged as petit larceny, a misdemeanor. If it’s $1000 or more, then it becomes grand larceny.

We are often able to get shoplifting cases reduced to a violation, and sometimes dismissed through something known to lawyers as an ACOD (adjournment in contemplation of dismissal). The ACOD usually involves doing some community service.

Our minimum fee for a petit larceny case is at least $1000 up front. Costs can exceed $5,000.

There are other kinds of petit larceny cases, but most of the ones we see are for shoplifting. Sometimes a larceny comes up related to someone stealing from work, or other situations. We can help with any kind of larceny case.

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