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Reckless Driving

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Reckless driving cases are fairly rare in New York. The offense is covered by ยง1212 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, and is a misdemeanor. While jail time is possible (and we have seen it), it is rare. Fines are substantial, typically amounting to $300 or more.

A reckless driving conviction also adds 5 points to your NY driving record, plus 5-8 negative units which make it harder to get your license back if you get revoked. We usually see reckless driving charges where the defendant was also charged with a speeding ticket at a high speed. Combining an 11-point speed with reckless driving adds up to 16 points, which makes suspension likely, and you may get revoked. Also, the speeding fine can be up to $685 and the 16 points would lead to a DMV assessment of over $1000, making the total of fines and surcharges over $2000. To top that off, your insurance rates will probably increase dramatically.

Reckless driving trials are rare and we mostly encourage our clients to work with us to get negotiated reductions through plea bargaining. In some cases a trial may be appropriate, such as cases involving accidents.

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Reckless Driving in New York