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If you’ve been injured in a tractor trailer accident in New York State, our lawyers can help.
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Our initial consultation is free, and there is no fee for truck accident claims unless you collect.

Trucking accident cases are substantially different from car accidents for two key reasons. First, tractor trailers generally have big insurance policies. If you’re hit by a car, that car may only have $25,000 in insurance and coverage of more than $100,000 is rare. This limits how much money you are likely to get, no matter how badly you are injured. Trucking companies generally have a million dollars or more in insurance. This increases the value of truck accident claims.

Second, truck accidents (like motorcycle accidents) typically involve very severe injuries. This makes the medical issues more complicated, and our clients are more likely to see a greater number of doctors and undergo surgery.

For these reasons, we typically see more experts, both for reconstructing how the accident happened and for explaining and documenting the full nature of the injuries.

We move our cases quickly (though in rare cases we may move slower as it can be in your interest – such delays usually relate to medical treatment). We contact the insurance company to see if the claim can be settled without suing. In many cases we can get a settlement within a few months. In others, where the insurance company does not offer a sufficient amount, we sue the case. Some lawyers tend to wait longer before suing. We prefer suing earlier. If the case is worth money, you’d rather have your money sooner. Delays in starting the suit tend to lead to delays in resolving the case.

After a truck accident lawsuit begins, the lawyers exchange paperwork for 3-6 months. Then come depositions. Their lawyer will ask you details about what happened in the accident and also about your injuries and medical treatment. We also question the other side.

The insurance company will have its own truck accident lawyers. They may schedule an independent medical examination (IME). Their doctor examines you, reviews records, and reports his opinion to them – we get a copy. While some people don’t like this part of the process (and really the rest of it), it is appropriate and we have seen cases where the IME doctor actually helps the injured person.

A trial would usually be next, though most cases settle well before then. We pick a jury, tell them about the accident and your injuries in opening statements. You and your doctors testify, and the defense witnesses also testify. Many truck accident lawsuits settle during trial. If not, the jury renders a verdict.
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